Second Craniotomy at UCLA

Luckily for the second surgery I was able to show up the morning of instead of hanging out for days in the hospital prior to the surgery. I was told that the recovery time post surgery would be 3-5 days-it ended up being more like 11 days (and I got to spend my birthday there). The reason they kept me so long-and most of the time I was in the ICU-was because I had high fluid pressure in my brain causing intense headaches. The doctor’s weren’t sure if either my shunt was working properly, a ventricle was blocked, or if it was normal aftermath post surgery. After the pressure and headaches gradually lessened in severity over the next several days they decided to send me home. I still experience headaches but they are not as intense or frequent as they were before. Another side effect

My wife took this picture the day I was released from the hospital

of the surgery was double vision. Because they accessed the tumor through the occipital lobe we new there could be issues with my eyes (mostly temporary). The double vision lasted quite awhile, but it too gradually got better over time.

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