Mystery Tumor

  • I was told on Monday of this week by the neuro oncology team at UCLA that the pathologists didn’t know what kind of tumor that I had. The neurosurgeon’s told us that I had a pineal blastoma the day of my 2nd surgery. Now a month later they don’t know what it is. In the meantime I am waiting to start treatment (radiation) and can’t do anything until my oncologists give the green light and my tumor type is determined. My tumor is being shipped up to UCSF to see if they’re pathologists can figure it out. Apparently the tumor tested positive & negative to different cancers which made it confusing to the UCLA pathologists. Since I don’t have a picture of my MRI before or after surgery-you might be able to figure out where my tumor was in this brain picture. My tumor was on the pineal gland pressing up against the cerebellum and the cerebrum (deep inside my brain). The last MRI results showed that the tumor was gone (you could not visibly see it). We’re hoping that it doesn’t start growing back while we are waiting for me to start treatment…..
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