Second month of chemo + stomach flu, December 2012

My second round of chemo began on Monday December 10th, 2012. I had another MRI which looked good-still no tumor regrowth. Looking back on my experience during my second treatment I realized that I might have had the stomach flu at the same time. My nausea and vomiting was so much worse the second month and even began the day before I started my first dose of chemo. I was puking so much that I contemplated going to the ER to get some fluids back in me since I couldn’t even keep down water. Eventually about 3 or 4 days after I stopped taking the chemo I was able to start holding more food down. And about a full week after chemo I was finally able to get up and move around some-and be able to enjoy Christmas.

From my experience during the first 2 months of chemo I’ve noticed that my energy level is very low. Of course the week and a half of laying around, barely eating, and throwing up would cause low energy but the chemo drugs make it all worse. It feels like I’m winded when I get up a few feet to go to the bathroom and walk back to the couch. I’ve dropped about 25 pounds since the summer when all my brain surgeries and treatments started. Now I am considered underweight.

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  1. Tom and Patty Katashima says:

    Who, reading about your experiences, could not sympathize! You will be able to endure and Heavenly Father certainly has His eye upon you and your family.

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