On the Road to Recovery


I completed my 12th and final round of chemo last September. Two months have passed and I am still feeling very lethargic each day. I feel like some strength and energy has come back though. It has been nice not having to deal with the whole process of ordering and taking chemo drugs and all of the other meds to counter balance the side effects. Despite my feeling tired all day every day, my family and I carry on with the usual daily routines and responsibilities that we have along with the occasional fun activities on the weekends. I have continued to work closer to my former full time hours.


Some of the activities that we have enjoyed in the last couple months have included taking Ian to Disneyland for the first time and participating in another brain tumor 5k at the Exposition Park in L.A. After going to 2 brain tumor association 5K’s in the past 6 months I am really looking forward to a local 5K in Camarillo that I am helping to put on- to raise money for brain cancer research create more awareness. With the assistance of the Kiwanis club, we will be having the 5K in Camarillo on April 2nd 2014.

My last visit to the chemo oncologist was in October. I had another MRI and the results have remained the same (no tumor growth). My doctor informed me that I would continue to get MRI’s done every other month for a couple years, then once every 3 months, then after 5 years once every 6 months, etc… We have appreciated everyone’s continued kind words of encouragement, prayers, and support as I have been beginning my road to recovery.

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1 Response to On the Road to Recovery

  1. Américo Nascimento says:

    Great to read this news! I will keep you in my prayers! Be Strong!

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