Camp Keepsake October 2014


The first weekend in October my wife, son and mother attended Camp Keepsake with me. The camp was in a great location in Ojai, CA. We applied to participate in the camp several months ago-the camp is for cancer survivors and their families. It was an amazing camp, the only downside was the fact that it was over 100 degrees during the day the whole weekend. It also dropped to 50 degrees at night. They had so many activities to choose from there wasn’t enough time to do them all. They even had spa treatments like massages, reiki, haircuts, manicures, facials, etc. They provided our meals, lodging and entertainment for the entire weekend.


The last night of the camp there was a ceremony where each cancer survivor and their family shared their hopes and dreams written on a paper scroll. Then after the share out everyone threw their scrolls into the fire-to symbolically go into the universe. Each year they collect the ashes and give them to all campers in a small vial to keep.


Each year Camp Keepsake has a theme-this year was country western “Blazing Trails”


The reptile lady from Oxnard was entertaining. My son really enjoyed touching the snakes and reptiles.

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