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On the Road to Recovery

I completed my 12th and final round of chemo last September. Two months have passed and I am still feeling very lethargic each day. I feel like some strength and energy has come back though. It has been nice not having … Continue reading

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Preparing for Final Round of Chemo: A Summary of May-Aug Treatments

  Alot has happened during the last 5 chemo treatments (May through August). I am about to start my twelth and final round of chemotherapy next week. My lethargy has progressively gotten worse over the course of treatment. Also my … Continue reading

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6th Round of Chemo-Halfway Done

My 6th round of Chemo started on April 1, 2013. I noticed that I had more energy during my last treatment. After 2 months of not puking, I ended up getting sick a couple days after my week of chemo. … Continue reading

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5th round of chemo & Happy Birthday to my wife and son

% I started my 5th round of chemo on March 4, 2013. That day I spent at UCLA doing all my tests and meeting with my chemo oncologist. The MRI showed that there was no tumor growth. During March my … Continue reading

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4th Chemo Treatment, February 2013

My energy level during the month of February has been better than in previous months. I am still more tired during my week of chemo, but the side effects have been somewhat milder. The Tuesday after my week of chemo … Continue reading

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3rd Chemo Treatment, Happy New Year

I began my 3rd round of chemo on January 7, 2013. Compared to my chemo treatment in December, I wasn’t as sick. I was able to hold down more food, not feel quite as nauseous and had a little more … Continue reading

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Second month of chemo + stomach flu, December 2012

My second round of chemo began on Monday December 10th, 2012. I had another MRI which looked good-still no tumor regrowth. Looking back on my experience during my second treatment I realized that I might have had the stomach flu … Continue reading

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